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Building Thriving Relationships

Our happiness in life is largely dependent on the relationships we have. However, society often sends the message that simply loving someone is all it takes to make a relationship successful, and if there are any issues, it must mean you haven't found the right person.

Imagine embodying this mindset in all areas of life. Becoming a renowned archer does not come from simply studying the craft or mastering aim. It requires taking action and actually engaging in the activity itself. It means learning how to handle the heft of the bow, feeling its weight in your hands and knowing just how much force to apply for each precise shot.

Similarly, intimacy cannot be fully experienced without the active participation of another person in the relationship. Genuine connections and relationships are crucial for understanding and practicing intimacy in our lives.

The Coaching Process

The way I teach intimacy does not involve distant strategies. Instead of traditional somatic therapy, which focuses on an individual's physical responses to emotions, my approach concentrates on how your body's movements affect those of your partner. If you come to me alone, I will take on the role of your partner so we can create a "relationship laboratory" in our coaching sessions.

Our society puts pressure on us to conform to certain expectations in relationships. When we start dating, it's common for us to present a version of ourselves that we think will be most appealing to our partner. But there is no one-size-fits-all approach to relationships, and there are no strict rules that work for everyone. That's why my coaching practice focuses on three important areas: embodiment, sexuality, and relationships.

Before we can have amazing relationships, we need to understand our own desires and needs. This allows us to show up as our true selves, creating thriving and authentic connections with others.

It's a phrase heard countless times before: you can't know what you don't know. Unfortunately, it also applies to receiving feedback in sex and relationships; people often fail to offer valuable insights. Your partner may become upset about something you did, but never fully explains the reasoning behind their emotions. Or maybe they aren't reacting to your attempts at connection in the way that you are hoping. Instead, they distance themselves or even end the relationship, denying you the opportunity to learn and make changes.

The biggest advantage of having a coach is the clear and honest feedback they provide. A coach can give insights into how others perceive you and offer strategies for improvement. They can facilitate better understanding between partners by translating and clarifying any misunderstandings. They also motivate you to try different methods and observe their effectiveness in your personal growth.

With efficient guidance, practical resources, and a process of experimentation, a coach can enhance the love and joy in your relationships while avoiding unnecessary struggles. Embrace the journey of personal development and let's collaborate to develop the tools necessary for navigating the intricacies of human connections and finding true happiness through genuine connections with others.


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