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Embracing Your Sexuality

As a board-certified sexologist, many of my clients seek help resolving specific challenges in their sex lives, such as low desire, unreliable erections, difficulty with orgasm, emotional triggers, and lack of confidence. My coaching practice focuses on three key realms: embodiment, sexuality, and relationships.

Understanding your sexuality is about more than just identifying who you’re attracted to. It’s about recognizing and embracing your unique form of sexual expression. In a society that often falls short in sex education and information, having a fulfilling sex life requires learning what makes sex meaningful and developing the skills for truly satisfying experiences.

Our culture tends to trivialize sex and shame us for our desires, leaving many with a limited understanding of what sex means to them. But sex is more than just positions and orgasms; it’s a profound way to be met and accepted, both physically and emotionally.

How Does Coaching Assist You on Your Sexual Journey?

1. Pulling the Weeds of Sexual Shame: Shame around sexuality is like a weed that chokes our erotic energy. It's pervasive and restrictive. In our coaching sessions, we tackle this shame head-on with various exercises to identify what holds you back and how to express yourself freely. De-shaming your desires is a critical step toward embracing your sexuality.

2. Understanding Your Sexual Expression: Sexual researcher Charles Mosher separates sex into three dimensions: sexual role play, sexual trance, and sexual partner engagement. While we often engage in all these dimensions, people generally have one or two that they prefer. Through our sessions, we explore erotic energy exchanges in each dimension, helping you discover where you thrive the most and how to be comfortable in others. This often leads to new pathways of arousal.

3. Exploring Your Fantasies: People are often confused or ashamed of their fantasies, but understanding what brings you the most arousal is key. As one of my teachers once said, “The erotic mind is not rational, nor is it politically correct.” Since we cannot control the things that arouse us, my office is a shame-free zone. If certain fantasies are unattainable or socially problematic, we may explore avenues of kink or role play that allow you to meet your needs in a safe and consensual way.

4. Identifying Your Core Desires: A major element of your sexuality is your Core Desire—the feelings you need to experience for sex to be pleasurable. These feelings are often shaped by our childhood experiences and tend to remain consistent over time. Our sexual fantasies are often attempts to resolve these core wounds. Understanding your Core Desires is essential for fulfilling sexual experiences.

5. Experimenting with Seduction Techniques: Within the safe container of the coaching space, we engage in various experiential exercises to practice different elements of a sexual experience. This allows you to experiment with seduction techniques and discover what works best for you.

Unlock the Power of Your Sexuality

Working with a coach provides you with a supportive guide on your journey of self-discovery, helping you embrace your desires without shame or hesitation. With my guidance, you'll learn to confidently ask for what you want and cultivate deeply satisfying sexual experiences. Don’t settle for mediocrity—let me help you unleash your sexual potential today.


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