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Fee Schedule


60 Minute Sessions for Individuals. Shorter or longer sessions may be arranged on a prorated basis.


90 Minute Sessions for Couples. I strongly recommend that each party to the relationship see me for an individual session before visiting as a couple.


Minimum fee for outcalls. Outcall visits are subject to a rate of $1 per mile roundtrip. Mileage rates will be calculated based on the distance between the Practitioner's office and the Client's location.

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Love and Pleasure are Your Birthrights

The most important predictor of happiness in life is having positive connection with the people we love – our family, partners, children, friends and community. Loving relationships – both emotional and erotic – are what help us all thrive.

I believe that support and guidance should be made available regardless of your income or socio-economic status. Please contact me to discuss needs based pricing.

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