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Flirting Freely in 2024: Embracing Your Sexy Vibes

Or as my polycule puts it, "Cheers to being a ho in Twenty-Twenty Fo"

As a somatic intimacy coach, I often encourage my clients to engage in the art of flirting as a means of staying connected to their own charisma and unlocking their untapped potential. Here's why cultivating a flirtatious attitude is crucial:

Embracing Your Constant Sexual Essence:

Contrary to the societal notion that sexuality is confined to explicit moments, our sensuality is an intrinsic part of every instant. Despite societal pressures and misconceptions, acknowledging that you are a sexual being at all times is pivotal. Suppressing this aspect of yourself may lead to detrimental effects in long-term sexual relationships, as well as hinder the inspiration and strength derived from your erotic energy. Attempts to stifle your sexuality may even result in emotional challenges like depression and unintended expressions of repressed desires.

So, next time you're doing your everyday stuff – walking, driving, working – remind yourself, "Yep, I'm a sexual being right now." Watch how it switches up your mood, energy, and how you see yourself.

The Liberating Nature of Flirting:

Flirting transcends mere attraction; it is about sharing playful, sexual energy to enhance the joy of an interaction. Flirting isn't about "closing the deal" in fact, you don't even need to have any romantic or sexual attraction with the other person! Understanding this fundamental aspect liberates you, as flirting requires nothing more than the act itself. No strings attached, just good vibes.

Discovering Beauty in Everyone:

I believe that everyone has something beautiful or enjoyable about them. When interacting with others, take a moment to truly see and appreciate the person before you. Explore what aspects of their physicality, demeanor, or character appeal to you. Maybe it's their killer smile, the way they laugh, or something unique about their style. Embrace the notion that everyone possesses something attractive or captivating.

Feel Aliveness Throughout the Day:

Consider flirting as your personal, sensual celebration as you navigate the world. Allow the vibrant colors, sunshine, or captivating architecture to evoke feelings of arousal within you.

Express your invitation through energetic vibes, physical gestures, or verbal cues. Let your connection with your own sexual desire radiate from your eyes, heart, and pelvis. Whether through an alluring smile, a playful wink, or a subtle change in tone, flirting becomes a delightful and inclusive experience that adds depth to human interactions.

Even if you're in a committed monogamous relationship, there's a lot to gain by embracing your flirtatious energy. It's not about looking for someone else; it's about adding a playful layer to your daily interactions and keeping that spark alive. So go ahead, be a bit of a flirt and sprinkle some extra fun into your 2024! 🎉


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