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Catching Fire

Have you ever found yourself hypnotized by a fire? How the crackling sounds echo in the stillness...the flickering of the flames drawing you deeper into their enchantment. Fire is constantly in motion, with ever-changing shapes and patterns, and even varying in its intensity, making each moment truly unique.

As has been said by many over the eons, love is like fire.

It possesses a powerful and transformative nature. When love is ignited, it can bring warmth, passion, and vitality to our lives. And like the energy created by fire, love is crucial to our survival as a species. It is a fundamental human emotion that needs to be acknowledged, expressed, and shared.

Which is why I never try to deny the love that develops between myself and my clients.

Compared to traditional therapy, the Somatica Method® of intimacy coaching allows me to engage in honest and authentic relationships with my clients instead of simply telling them what to do in a detached, theoretical manner. This experiential approach is more effective at creating new neural pathways that change behavior within their intimate relationships.

In teaching people how to harness their sexual energy, it is understandable that I would feel an eventual attraction to them. And in helping people discover their most engaging, vibrant selves, it stands to reason that some part of me might fall in love with the person that they grow to become.

Fire calls to us and brings us together. However, it's important to remember that while fire can be beautiful, it also possesses immense power and must be respected and handled responsibly in order to prevent harm.

In the same way as fire, love requires boundaries and guidance to remain warming, productive, and safe. Without containment, love can become overwhelming and destructive.

Containment in love means setting limits and boundaries that promote respect, trust, and emotional well-being for all parties involved. It involves clear communication, understanding each other's needs, and honoring personal space. By encircling and guiding love through the framework of the professional relationship, in which boundaries become sacrosanct, the client is able to thrive and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

On the other hand, suppressing love completely stifles its expression and potential. By suppressing it, we deny ourselves and others the opportunity to experience the joy, connection, and fulfillment that love can bring.

Therefore, finding the right balance is crucial. By creating a foundation of mutual trust, acceptance, and safety, everyone feels comfortable to show up and share themselves fully and confidently — the first steps toward physical and emotional intimacy.

Let’s gather around the fire and connect.


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You’re writing style is so engaging and clear to follow. And the lesson you share here may seem intuitive, but many lose the relationship with their intuition.


Lance Riley
Lance Riley

You look amazing ☺️ I would love to see you soon 😊

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