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Member Resources

Breathwork Session for Men

Activate and connect with your erotic energy to boost confidence, expand your personal power, increase your sexual control and project sexual magnetism.

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Waking The Tiger

This is a daily somatic exercise that I like to do to wake up my body, and connect to my erotic self. This is also a great method of "solo foreplay"

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Relationship Menu

This form is designed help you determine what you need, want, and will not accept in a romantic relationship. You can use it on your own to get a better understanding of what you want in your next romantic relationship. You can also fill it out and share it with someone else.

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Breathwork Session for Women

Connect with your erotic energy and desire. Embrace your sensuality, intuition and project your sexual magnetism.

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Cock Worship Warmup

Tailored specifically for women, this meditation is a wonderful way to discover the power and pleasure you can feel when going down on your partner.

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Stay Tuned

Future resources will be shown here

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