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Coaching Policies

The relationship between you and me is a professional relationship, which means that all interactions will stay within the boundaries of the method and the boundaries of pre-scheduled session times.

Sex and Relationship Coaching

Somatic (body-based) coaching differs from other therapy in that it emphasizes your connection to your body. It also emphasizes the importance of experiences (as opposed to thoughts) as the central vehicle towards deeper freedom and choice. During our work together, there will be times when I invite you to experiment with yourself, your partner (if you are coming in as a couple) and with me around emotions, touch, intimacy and connection. All of these experiments are in service of you having a deeper understanding of your own internal process. Touch is only used with your permission and you have the right to stop or change AT ANY TIME, for any reason, any touch or experience in which we are engaging. I will respond to your request respectfully and without question.

While the focus of our work together is the improvement of your sexual and relational lives, there may be other areas of your life (i.e. work, school, family history, etc.), which inform your sexual and relational wellbeing so we may need to discuss these and other realms in order to help you move through relationship and intimacy blocks. In the capacity of Sex & Relationship Coach, I am NOT working as a licensed psychotherapist and am not required to be licensed in order to practice Sex & Relationship Coaching in the State of Florida.

While there are some similarities between coaching and psychotherapy, psychotherapy is a health care service and is often  reimbursable through health insurance policies. This is not true for coaching. Although both coaching and psychotherapy use  knowledge of human behavior, motivation and behavioral change, and interactive counseling techniques, the focus of coaching is the development and implementation of strategies that help people reach their identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction. This agreement is for coaching. I will be both direct and challenging and stay within the scope of my training.

Informed Consent and the Use of Touch

Somatic based coaching is an experiential, clothes-on practice.


Somatic or body-oriented treatment recognizes the inherent unity of our human nature and our biological organization. Through the integration of our body sensations and movements with our cognitive and emotional processes, somatic therapy promotes wholeness, increased interpersonal functioning, and the resolution of therapeutic concerns. Somatic interventions include the study of and interaction between our physical sensations, postures, gestures, thoughts, feelings, and language; self-management through modification of our movements and postures; and the use of touch.

The use of touch is not appropriate or desirable for all clients. Furthermore, each person has his/her/their individual comfort level with different types of touch. You have the right to refuse, modify, or stop any touch at any time, for any reason. If touch is used during session, I will continuously monitor verbal and non-verbal communication regarding consent for touch to ensure your comfort with interventions and the genuineness of your consent. Please notify me if you have any questions, concerns, or if you decide to avoid or limit, in any way, the use of touch in your therapy.

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